Climber: From Hackathon to App Store Submission in Two Weeks

On March 2, we attended an Hackathon here in San Francisco. Exactly two weeks later we submitted our Hackathon project to the App Store. Today, we're excited to announce our new app Climber. Climber is a simple way to record a short video on your iPhone and post it to your followers on I want to take just a few minutes to describe how has enabled us to quickly build a content creation tool that users feel safe investing in.

Content Ownership and the File API

Although the major social services are all free, people are growing wary of their how their content is used by the companies in charge. This is why we chose to not keep any of the video content that Climber produces.

All Climber posts are more or less like any other post to, but with a link to our website where the video can be watched. Our video pages simply rely on post data to retrieve links to video files contained in personal file storage. If a user chooses to delete their post, or even just delete the video file in their file storage, then it can no longer be viewed on our website.

All APIs In One Place

Since the API launched back in August, we've seen many powerful features added very quickly. The main features that Climber takes advantage of are the File API, the Places API, and of course, posting to the global stream. Our Objective-C library of choice is ADNKit, but there are many other free and open source libraries available here. Being able to hook into a single library in only a few minutes is what enabled us to go live so quickly.

Moving Forward

Climber 1.0 is a very simple video-sharing tool. From a user perspective, we know that creating quality video can be much more difficult than photos and other types of media, so we'd love to get your feedback and integrate it into future versions of our app. Thanks for checking it out.



Download Climber in the App Store

Here are a few examples of what people have done with Climber so far:

"Some Context" - @documentally

"Post Sunday lunch face montage" - @ntalbott

"Mmm" - @sham